FALCOH foundation has five core values which underlie the functioning of the organisation.These are transparency, diversity, quality & equity, accountability and passion.The core values are defined as follows;

  • Transparency: We shall be transparent in our operations (recruitment, budget management and personnel management), to our stakeholders/partners and to the communities we serve.
  • Diversity: Our organisation shall be open to all citizens of the world and shall offer services to all persons and communities without discrimination or preference for a particular age, ethnicity, religion, gender, culture, religion or language.
  • Quality & equity: We shall provide health care that is safe, effective and people-centred, and with compassion to all who need it according to their preferences and financial means. FALCOH will leave no one behind in the delivery of health services in African communities.
  • Accountability: We shall be accountable to each other, to our partners and supporters and to the communities which we serve. FALCOH team shall be technically, morally, financially and socially accountable.
  • Passion: This is what drive us in our work. Passion to reduce social injustice and mitigate the social determinants to disease in African communities. We are passionate to deliver quality healthcare services to communities in a timely manner.