Main objective: To provide accessible essential, people- and context-centred health care services for all in African communities.

Specific objectives:

  1. Provide affordable general and surgical health care services in African communities;
  2. Promote healthy living and well-being via communication for behavioural change;
  3. Prevent diseases by providing screening for, and encouraging immunisation against vaccine-preventable diseases like viral hepatitis B;
  4. Ensure optimal access to neonatal, child, adolescent and maternal healthcare services;
  5. Reduce the frequency of hospital consultations and/or duration of hospital stay by providing ambulatory care in fixed-temporal community health centres;
  6. Pioneer and promote home-based healthcare in communities especially for chronic ailments;
  7. Sensitise the population on how to prevent or survive with chronic infectious (HIV, Hepatitis B) and non-infectious diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, cancers);
  8. Enhance the capacity of health workers to deliver compassionate care;
  9. Nurse the elderly, homeless/neglected ageing persons in suitable and adapted environments (Geriatric homes);
  10. Empower the less privileged and stigmatized groups in the communities (such as orphans, rape victims, wounded and displaced persons etc) via education, material support and by promoting vocational training;