Ebaiayuknso Etambeh

Etambeh is a graduate with a BSc in Microbiology. She further obtained a MSc. Infectious Disease Control, combined with over 4 years of hospital laboratory practice as a laboratory scientist. With this exposure to the microbiology and infectious disease world, she beliefs that community efforts to enhance hygiene and healthy living are a more cost-effective means of fighting infectious diseases in Cameroon, and Africa as a whole. She is of the philosophy that more initiatives and resources should be spent on preventing infections than in treating them in hospitals.
Etambeh aspires to built a research career in finding out more effective, context-adapted and efficient methods of eliminating microbes from our environment and preventing infections. Microbes breed on cultural beliefs, practices and human behavior, and this is where we have to start fighting infections (‘Social antibiotics’).

Team Information

 Health Promotion and Capacity building Coordinator
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