Meeting the material and psycho-social needs of Internally Displaced Persons in the South West Region, Cameroon

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Distribution of ‘Noble’ and ‘Dignity’ kits to Internally Displaced Persons in the South West Region, Cameroon
On Saturday 28th September, 2019, FALCOH Foundation team  fulfilled a crucial aspect of the organisation’s mandate – meeting the humanitarian needs of vulnerable persons and groups. 

With the support from Crossroads Foundation, Hongkong; FALCOH’s matron, Marie-Pierre Alliod, and other well-wishers, the organisation was able to provide material assistance to over 400 households of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). With each household hosting an average of 5 persons, FALCOH was able to distribute more than 2000 kits to IDPs in Buea.

The beneficiaries were displaced from Muyuka, Ekona, Lysoka, Muea, Bomaka, Mile 16 communities and other villages in the environs of Buea sub division. They included both males and females of all age groups (neonates, infants, adolescents, adults and the elderly).

The signature products of FALCOH – ‘Noble’ and ‘Dignity’ kits – were constituted to meet specific material and hygiene needs of the various age groups (women, children, adolescent girls, adults, elderly) and sexes of the registered IDPs.

This activity took the team over three months to prepare and realize. First, teams were deployed to the communities hosting IDPs to register the displaced persons. Then the kits were constituted, followed by the planning process for the distribution proper (distribution invitation letters, making of phone calls and sending SMS to registered families and individual IDPs). 

We are happy that all the hard work from the team culminated in the successful distribution of FALCOH kits to our fellow parents, brothers, sisters and children affected by the crisis in the region.
Special appreciation to the team under the leadership of the CEO, Madame Etong Fanny Bessem. We also thank the over 2000 beneficiaries who attended to our call.

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