FALCOH Annual Report 2021

Favour low cost health care foundation continues to support the ministry of health in …xxx… the spread of SARS-COVID -19 and treating confirmed Covid 19 cases, while at the same time strengthening health systems.

In order to foster health care FALCOH foundation did a community outreach to adolescent girls (10-19) on S.R.H.R especially on menstrual hygiene management in four communities in the southwest region. The program cut across about 100 girls who acquire knowledge dismissing some of the myth on menstruation.

Again, in combating the Anglophone crises, FALCOH foundation did mobilized young women (YWMC) to the first ever national women convention in Cameroon, Yaoundé. The conference covered 1000 women from all over Cameroon. Young women Mediations Cameroon known as FALCOH network was represented in the planning committee of the great event while some of the YWMC participants received training at the conference on how to face these crises/bring an end to these crises.

In line with their mission, FALCOH foundation did a running program on free ANC to pregnant women IDPs , partnering with hospitals to foster a program known as Marie Pierre (M/P) which cut across communities in Buea and Limbe of which pregnant IDP women were to receive free ANC from pregnancy to birth under the financial supervision of FALCOH foundation. (Bokova, Ekona, Batoke, Bakingili, Idenau and CMA Limbe Health center).

In light with Conflict resolution, FALCOH Foundation as a partner in Trainers of Trainers alongside other organization combined their resources together in training women in the South west region, especially Women leaders in groups on how to resolve conflicts.

To add the effects of the Anglophone crises has breathe in negative aspect like Gender Base Violence/ in this light FALCOH Foundation join the world to say NO to Gender Base Violence in our communities which was well illustrated in one of the affected communities around Buea known as (Muea).


Download full report here.

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