Capacity building for managers of primary healthcare centres to perform basic lab tests

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Favour Low-cost Health Care Foundation has realized one of the ills affecting health care in many rural communities in Cameroon is lack of capacity by the care providers both on the technical /professional and logistic platform. The foundation thus embarks on building local professional capacities among personnel serving in some of the health facilities in vulnerable communities. To this respect we organized a training session for all the Chief of Centres (COCs) in the Bangem Health District to build their capacity on basic laboratory techniques such as the use of Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) strips.

This activity was intended to temporary address the problem of lack of laboratory technicians the 10 integrated  health centres within the Bangem District, which has greatly reduce the quality of their services and thus affected the trust of clients in these facilities. It was carried out on Monday 5th December 2017, with Mr. Mbu Cavin, a trained laboratory scientist, as the resource person.

A total of ten COCs and about six nurses from the District hospital were trained on the use of RDT strips for the diagnosis of malaria, syphilis, HBsAg, HCV, Diabetes, pregnancy and HIV among others.

Furthermore, the foundation assisted the Bangem council in the transportation of material and equipment supplied to the Ekanjoh-Bajoh IHC from Bangem town to Ekanjoh-Bajoh village on Tuesday 27th December 2017. This is in line with the collaboration FALCOH builds with local/municipal authorities for sustainable health care.

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