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There are different ways of supporting our cause and we welcome any help we can get

Donate to Improve the health and well-being of the people

Improving the health and well-being of the people, advocating for Universal Health coverage for all. Our organization depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers to achieve our goals. There are different ways of supporting our cause and we welcome any help we can get


Donate CONVID19 Materials and test kids

Emergency Response to COVID 19 SOUTH REGION, stay tune as our distribution continues. We began in march 2020 with community awareness, thanks to The Pollination Project and now thanks to Crossroads Foundation and Brother’s Brother Foundation. we are empowering health facilities with medical supplies. We made the news with our donations:



Favour Low-Cost Healthcare (FALCOH) foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit organization which works to provide essential, people and context-centred and sustainable healthcare services to underprivileged groups in African communities.

FALCOH foundation has five core values which underlie the functioning of the organisation. These are transparency, diversity, quality & equity, accountability and passion.

The core values are defined as follows;

  • Transparency: We shall be transparent in our operations (recruitment, budget management and personnel management), to our stakeholders/partners and to the communities we serve.
  • Diversity: Our organisation shall be open to all citizens of the world and shall offer services to all persons and communities without discrimination or preference for a particular age, ethnicity, religion, gender, culture, religion or language.
  • Quality & equity: We shall provide health care that is safe, effective and people-centred, and with compassion to all who need it according to their preferences and financial means. FALCOH will leave no one behind in the delivery of health services in African communities.
  • Accountability: We shall be accountable to each other, to our partners and supporters and to the communities which we serve. FALCOH team shall be technically, morally, financially and socially accountable.
  • Passion: This is what drive us in our work. Passion to reduce social injustice and mitigate the social determinants to disease in African communities. We are passionate to deliver quality healthcare services to communities in a timely manner.


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Our Background

We Help Thousands Of Pregnant Women Get Better Healthcare

The motivation to create this organization stems from our experiences in clinical practice as we served chronically-ill patients in health facilities (private and public) in both urban and rural settings of Cameroon.. We realized that clients’ have diverse health-seeking behaviors. They visit different hospitals and various practitioners in search of solutions for their problems. This entails multiple visits to same level facilities and most often same grade of doctors. Hence, these clients spend a lot on repeated consultations, numerous booklets, repeated para-clinical investigations  and prescriptions. This phenomenon was common among the elderly and patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, senile arthritis, HIV/AIDs, cancers, liver pathologies etc.

What People Says

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In addition to our ongoing impact in the United States as a California-based