Civic Space Protection

The civic space protection pillar aims to expanded civic space and promote enabling environment for civic operations. It will specifically provide civil society with the skillset to constantly define, shape, and monitor government policies and programmes around civic space; offer training on country-specific legal frameworks; advocate for and offer legal support to civic action in-country; provide skills on intelligence gathering and strengthen capacity to counter disinformation/misinformation.

Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Under this pillar, the CSR-Hub seeks to enhance civil society organisational resilience and operational efficiency. The CSR-Hub identifies prevailing organisational needs; and designs tailor-made training to respond to specific needs; provides technical support to improve organisational compliance to
regulatory bodies; supports board governance and oversight for organisational efficiency; and institutes frameworks for strategic management, succession planning, organisational sustainability, and strategic communications.

Digital Security and Protection

The digital security and protection pillar aims to reinforce civil society’s organisational competences in technology, digital security (resilience) and awareness, through training for effective operations and safe activism. It also offers technical assistance to organisations to develop internal digital security policies and digital innovation, as well as facilitate national and regional spaces for reflections and advocacy on technology governance.

Resource Mobilisation and Financial Resilience

The resource mobilisation and financial resilience pillaseeks to strengthen the resourcing and financial management capacity of CSOs. Specifically, the CSR-Hub would offer technical support in financial management and resilience   building; provide expert   support   in   financial   reporting    processes    and    auditingand also provide training and skills in alternative (domestic) resource mobilisation including local philanthropic giving. 




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Favour Low-Cost Healthcare (FALCOH) foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit organization which works to provide essential, people and context-centred and sustainable healthcare services to underprivileged groups in African communities.

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