Dr. AKO-EGBE Louis
Dr. AKO-EGBE Louis - President/Founder

Dr. Ako-Egbe Louis is a General Practitioner with an MD degree obtained from the University of Buea in 2012. He has been in clinical practice since five years under the Ministry…

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ETONG FANNY BESSEM - Executive Director/cofounder

Bessem holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Buea, with over five years of experience in community development projects geared towards improving health care delivery in communities. She…

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Dr. AWUNGAFAC George - Community Health Officer i/c Infectious Diseases

Dr. Awungafac is a Public Health Physician with passion in operational research, systems and programs evaluation. He holds an MD degree from the University of Buea and a Masters (MSc)…

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Mr. J.T. AKO-EGBE - Consultant

Mr. Ako-Egbe is an expert in Development work, business analyst, management and financial executive with over 20 years experience in community development, corporate auditing and management. Worked successfully in project…

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Alfred MFORNYO ETTAROCK - Public Relations Officer i/c partnership USA

Alfred is a medical assistant and a geriatric nurse. Holds an associate degree in nursing from Career Point College, USA, and currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing…

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Ebaiayuknso Etambeh
Ebaiayuknso Etambeh - Health Promotion and Capacity building Coordinator

Etambeh is a graduate with a BSc in Microbiology. She further obtained a MSc. Infectious Disease Control, combined with over 4 years of hospital laboratory practice as a laboratory scientist.…

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Dr Noah Takah Fongwen - Director, International Diagnostic Centre (IDC)

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