• 6th September, 2017

As part of the primary objective of Favour Low-cost Health care (FALCOH) Foundation, that of taking health care to the vulnerable population, the medical team planned and carried out free medical consultation, screening and treatment at the HOTPEC motherless home in mile 14, Buea on Saturday 08th July 2017.

The team of seven (07) health personnel (03 medical doctors, 01 lab technician, 02 nurses and 01 pharmacy attendant) arrived the premises of the orphanage at 09:00. Following reception by the orphanage administration and introduction of the team to the host by the team leader, the orphans and other orphanage workers were assembled at the conference hall. During the session with the latter, the team leader introduced the mission of the FALCOH team, handed over gifts (rice, groundnut oil, treated bednets etc) and began receiving the beneficiaries for consultation.

A total of 60 persons, among which children and adults, were consulted by the doctors. The former were also investigated for malaria (RDT), Typhoid fever (WIDAL serology), HIV, Syphilis (TPHA), Hepatitis viral infection (HBsAg & HCV), Rheumatic fever/rheumatoid arthritis (ASLO serology) and Urinary tract infection (COMBI 11 kit). Among the beneficiaries were 15 males and 45 females. From these, 10 of them were aged 0 – 5 years, 22 (5 – 15 years), 11 (15 – 25 years), 10 (25 – 35 years) and 07 (>35 years).

From the medical consultations and confirmation from the laboratory investigations, the following pathologies were diagnosed and treatment administered: simple malaria, severe malaria, acute otitis media, acute rhino-bronchitis, pneumonia, allergic dermatitis/conjunctivitis, asymptomatic hepatitis B infection, Tinea corporis/capitis, acute gastritis and arthritis. Besides, all the beneficiaries were dewormed with Mebendazole 500mg tablet.

Moreover, health education flyers were distributed to the beneficiaries and bills posted on the walls of the orphanage classrooms, restaurant and residence. The team also gave educative talk on sensitive health issues like puberty and sexuality, HIV/AIDs, malaria, hepatitis viral infection, hygiene and nutrition.

The activities of the day ended at about 17:00 with a word of appreciation from the administrator of the orphanage and a family photograph comprising of the FALCOH team, orphans and orphanage personnel.

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