Schools' campaign on sexual and reproductive health

Schools' campaign on sexual and reproductive health
  • 8th January, 2019

Sexual and reproductive health for school-aged children: menstruation, STIs and Hepatitis B

In November 2018, a FALCOH medical team constituted by public health experts and volunteers organised an inter-school awareness campaign in Fako division to sensitise school-aged children and adolescents on various aspects of sexual and reproductive health and rights. This event brought together about 5000 students into the campus of Government High School (GHS) Limbe where the campaign was carried out.

Key among the presentations and interactive sessions was the causes, modes of transmission, methods of prevention, screening and management of HIV and viral hepatitis B infections. Adolescents were encouraged to go for voluntary testing and screening for these infections.

In addition, the female students were also thought simple techniques on how to monitor their identify, monitor, and manage (hygiene) monthly menstruation. Together with the facilitators they proposed and isolated various ways to keep safe spaces to avoid sexual harassment and rape. The ways to manage harassment and report rape were also highlighted.

Generally, adolescents were cautioned to avoid substance misuse especially tobacco and alcohol. The harmful effects and health complications from these substances was explained. Safe sex was advice for those adolescents who could not abstain from sexual intercourse in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

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