Compassionate healthcare for vulnerable groups

Compassionate healthcare for vulnerable groups
  • 7th January, 2019

The role of compassion in quality healthcare delivery

To enhance people-centred healthcare, the FALCOH team organised a mini-workshop with adolescence living with HIV contracted via the vertical route (mother-to-child) in early December 2018. This workshop was intended to give hope to these vulnerable group who were experiencing various forms of stigma from their health providers and school teachers and mates. The team listened to their stories and co-developed ways to positively overcome their statuses and pursue their life dreams.

The team comprised of a psychologist, nurse, social worker and public health expert counselled participants, shared gifts among them and designed a training package targeting health workers in all HIV treatment centres and school teachers. This training and workshop will be intended to provide health and education stakeholders with the skills required to provide compassionate care adapted to the needs and preferences of adolescents and their families.

The mini-workshop ended with applause from the audience who expressed their sincere appreciation to the team and declared that the workshop had rekindled fresh hope and confidence in them to live to their dreams.

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