Reproductive Health Education in schools

Reproductive Health Education in schools
  • 12th April, 2018

Enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for adolescents and young women in Cameroon

FALCOH launch her Reproductive health education program late last year 2017. The aim of this program is to educate school children on reproductive health and rights. Our activities target the following areas:
  • Control one or more risky sexual behaviors that predispose adolescents and young women to unintended pregnancies and STIs including HIV and Hepatitis B infections,
  • Design based on theoretical approaches demon­strated to effectively influence health-related risky behaviors;
  • Enhancing safe sexual activity and promote contraceptive use, especially among adolescence,
  • Providing essential, accurate information about the risks of adolescent sexual activity and about methods of avoiding intercourse and using protection against pregnancy and STIs, and activities addressing social pressures that influence sexual behavior;
  • Providing role modeling and practice effective communica­tion, negotiation and safety skills.

We also use varied, participatory teaching methods that encourage participants to personalize the information. In addition, we incorporate behavioral goals, teaching methods, and materials that are appropriate to the age, sexual experience, and culture of the students. Moreover, we dedicate sufficient time to cover key topics and complete important activities. Besides, we use teachers and/or peer educators who believe in the program and are adequately trained. We carryout of capacity building and coaching on reproductive health in a very clear and interactive way that engages everyone and effectively target adolescents; for example, through seminars, drama events, musical presentations and sports.

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