Water hygiene and sanitation campaign in Bomaka community

Water hygiene and sanitation campaign in Bomaka community
  • 12th April, 2018

In the spirit of celebrating World water day , FALCOH carryout a water hygiene and sanitation campaign in Bomaka Buea. Bomaka community have a population of about 3000 inhabitant, face serious crisis of water supply. All of the population depends only on one running stream commonly called Mr Peter. this stream is use for drinking, washing of household equipment,washing of dresses and farming. Yet proper care is not taking to protect the stream, instead waste is been doom in the streams, faeces, old dresses and more. These activities is affecting the life of this stream that every one depends on, thus reducing it gradually and in no distance time may become solely for waste dooming area.

in this regards FALCOH and partner organisation CHAMEG visited this community to sensitized the general population on the risk  of treating their only source of water in such a matter, also on how to care for the stream. Door to door campaign and discussion was done to enlighten the population on the important of sanitation and hygiene in regards to their health and environmental benefits.
We concluded our week campaigns with cleaning campaign of the Bomaka stream, to show the population how to care for the stream and make it cleaner for consumption. water day 22 march, 2018 theme NATURE FOR WATER was our message of the day to the inhabitants of bomaka and that every drop of water counts.
In this regards proper water management will not only provide sustainable water supply but will prevent us from getting water borne disease from consuming contaminated water.
In our conclusion we recommend boleholes be created in this community to supply enough water to the community as women and children are the most affected. Children go to school late due to water crisis and women and girls at risk of been rape as the go in search of water in this isolated stream.
We have promise to help look for funding in order to developed boreholes for this community, the community leaders and youths have pledge their support for labor and land to implement the project. In this regards we are calling on individuals, organisations and donor who can support this water boles-holes project to contact our organisation. Remember water is life and evedrop count.

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