Commemoration of 2017 World HIV/AIDS Day and capacity building of health personnel on post-Cesarean Section care in Ekona sub divisional hospital

Commemoration of 2017 World HIV/AIDS Day and capacity building of health personnel on post-Cesarean Section care in Ekona sub divisional hospital
  • 23rd January, 2018

Commemoration of the 2017 International World AIDS Day on December 1st, at Ekona sub Divisional Hospital (CMA)

The day started at about 1:45 p.m. with arrival of the team and medical health personnels of the concerned health facility. In the presence of about 14 personnels and 4 members of the FALCOH team, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. EKO Alain, welcomed participants and expressed his contentment with the initiative of FALCOH in promoting health by reacting to an expressed need of the institution – improve maternal and child post-Caeserean Section care -  coupled with the World AIDS Day commemoration.

The CMO’s remarks was followed by the introduction of participants, among which the personnel of CMA Ekona and members of FALCOH. Thereafter, a presentation on world HIV/AIDS day under the theme “Right to Health”, was made by a FALCOH focal person. It focused on the responsibilities of health workers to persons infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. Health personnel where urged to break stigma in health facilities, exercise confidentiality and encourage the population to screen, collect results, accept status and adapt to living productively with or without the disease. HIV/AIDS was likened to any other chronic lifelong diseases like diabetes, hypertension in which treatment was for life. The speaker also stressed the fact that being infected with HIV is not a dead sentence because so much development has been done with respect to its diagnosis and management (ART drugs given free of charge) and the population is continuously encouraged to test their status every 3 – 6 months since the screening test is relatively cheap and affordable. Health workers where reminded to systematically screen all patients received at the hospital as instructed by the Minister of Public Health. And the fact that all patients with confirmed positive results are supposed to be placed on anti-retroviral treatment for life.

Next was a video presentation on “Post-Operative Care following Caesarean in Low-cost Settings” by FALCOH facilitators with the technical assistance of Medicalaidfilms. This presentation was done upon the request of the CMO and intended to build technical among his personnel in the management of mothers and neonates after an abdominal delivery. The videos were interrupted with explanations and demonstrations by the facilitators to enhance understanding of the participants. For example, after safely delivering the baby, to prevent situations were a mother will die from bleeding, sepsis, eclampsia and complications from anesthesia, regular monitoring of vital signs, fundal height, risk factors for hemorrhage, aseptic techniques and recovery from anesthesia could actually ensure early detection of signs of cardio-respiratory failure and save the mother’s life. Thus, it is imperative to establish a vital sign monitoring chart immediately after surgery to capture the following parameters;

·         Maternal heart rate/pulse rate

·         Blood pressure

·         Respiratory rate

·         Urine output

·         Temperature

The risk factors responsible for the complications that may results after surgery were emphasised as a reminder such as maternal age, history of postpartum haemorrhage, hypertension etc. Therefore, the more frequent and persistent are the vital signs, the higher the chances that the patient needs urgent resuscitation. To end, vital signs are supposed to be monitored for the next 24 hours after surgery, even when the patient has recovered from anaesthesia.

Finally, there was a presentation on “Customer Health Care services” during which health personnel were lectured on the importance of considering each patient that comes through the doors of the hospital as their project. This is because patients come to the hospital with expectations and so just a simple touch or smile could change a patient’s situation, create a positive impact and build trust and loyalty. Participants were reminded that a satisfied customer becomes an ambassador for the facility because he/she will share their experience with 1-5 other persons in the community. Meanwhile, an unsatisfied patient will negatively influence 10-20 other people from using the facility. The 6 customer service standards of; professionalism, respect, communication, compassion, courtesy and teamwork, will actually improve the service delivery and contribute greatly to optimal patient care and satisfaction.

To conclude, the message was summarised in having a HEART for the patients as this will actually bring best results and make the work milieu a place to be. The signification;

H- Hear our patients, listen to them and keep them informed. Be there, fully present and give your undivided attention

EEmpathize with our patients and maintain a professional behavior. Convey kindness & compassion - treat patients with respect & make their day

AAcknowledge immediately with eye contact, smile & say “Hello”an introduction of oneself, have badges visible & displayed on left shoulder area.

RRespond promptly to requests and concerns requiring follow up should be practiced. Apologize sincerely when breakdowns occur.  Be accountable, correct the situation.

TTeamwork values the contribution of each member – everyone’s role is important, choose your attitude, have a lighthearted approach & create playful moments.

Thus, in order for patients to have pride in their environment, personnel must work together to keep their center welcoming!

The code of the day was that,

 “People will forget what you said and did but will never forget how you made them feel

The day ended at about 5p.m with the CMO expressing his joy and contentment with FALCOH reacting to their need through the quality videos and teachings rendered. Closing remarks followed and a family picture of all present was taken and dispersal.


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